The strapline on the Wolf + Lamb website says it all: A Music Community. Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi, together with Charlie Levine and Eli Goldstein, otherwise known as Soul Clap, are that rare thing in dance music - DJ’s who transcend the dancefloor to make a real connection with people’s hearts and minds.
The four-man collective from New York are the latest chapter in the city’s unique clubbing history, an echo of such illustrious names as Larry Levan, David Mancuso and Nicky Siano. They recently toured their stretched, out bohemian sound across Europe and the US in support of their Wolf + Lamb Vs. Soul Clap mix for !K7. The first Substance podcast, all 90 minutes of it, captures their mood-elevating live show at its best. Zev Eisenberg talks us through it...
What was the recent tour like?
It was a new experience for all of us, the four of us being together for weeks on end, and of course the sheer quantity and length of shows. The perfect way to close off the months we spent working together producing our album. We all walked away ecstatic.
What was the highlight?
Spending two months together and meeting up and connecting with thousands of fans across the world. The combined knowledge and confidence of four people let us push the boundaries of our show. It developed into something new that none of us were expecting in terms of breadth and variety of tempo and mood.
Are you hedonistic on tour, or do you play it sensible?
It started businesslike and professional but quickly devolved into hedonistic once we all got comfortable. Maybe it even bumped up against sloppy once or twice, but we don’t remember. 
What’s your DJing philosophy?
We play whatever feels right, whatever will elevate with no regrets. There’s no right or wrong track. DJing shouldn’t be a big deal - it’s light, it’s fun and easy. It’s OK if the music stops for a moment, it’s not about technical mixing prowess, it’s about the feeling. It’s about making people feel good. We want to explore all of your emotions - up, down, happy and sad - through the music that we play. We want to take you on a journey.
What are your favorite tracks from the mix and why? 
Picking favorites is always a real tough question, especially with this mix, which is not only a collection of all of our most cherished songs, but also of the most magical moments from tour. We’re really lucky to have these opportunities to see these songs manifest themselves into reality on the dancefloor. As a DJ, when you get new music you can close your eyes and imagine a perfect scenario to play a particular record, but to actually have that moment come to life, that’s what DJing is all about. So, my top picks are, firstly Baby Prince, aka Gadi Mizrahi [one half of Wolf + Lamb], Want To Squeeze You. Every year Gadi outdoes himself by breaking new ground both in and outside of our genre. He’s constantly pushing boundaries and Want To Squeeze You is perfect evidence of that. This hyper sexualized mid-tempo grinder, which features Baby Prince himself singing thru a harmonizer, definitely soaked a panty or two on the dancefloor. Second, Pillow Talk The Come Back. Hats off to Sammy Dee and his crew for reinventing themselves with this Sam Cooke/doo-wop/808 dance music. The Come Back was the epicenter of many of our DJ sets, bringing the shows to a emotional, bass heavy, heartbroken boiling point. Then there’s the Konphibious Piano Re-Edit of Everybody Dance by Chic. Our Boston mentor DJ Kon is truly the king of the re-edit. This über-epic end-of-the-night jam had the crowds choking back tears. Kon takes the classic and strips it down to pure piano pleasure. 
Is this mix a fair reflection of your live sets?
Definitely, the mix was chosen from all of our faves from the tour. It reflects the uncertainty that comes every single time to start a show. You don’t know what the energy will be like, you don’t know what people will be feeling. The mix travels in all directions, sometimes at all at once. That’s exactly what you can expect hearing us play. 
Sussudio by Phil Collins is a brave inclusion. What made you pick it?
There has actually been some confusion about this track on the web. If you look up Sussudio on Youtube it comes up credited to Soul Clap, but actually this track was done by a guy from the UK called Iain O'Hare for the Outcross Records imprint run by our good friend Miguel Campbell.  Miguel has put out a ton of releases on Outcross and it’s commonly overlooked.  There’s lots of gems in there, people. Best get yer dig on. We did and found this one.
What’s your sure-fire floor filler?
One track that has to be considered a sure-fire floor filler from the tour is Greg Wilson’s Re-Edit of Talking Heads Psycho Killer.  This edit uses the suspense and ambience from Psycho Killer as it’s performed in the 1984 Talking Heads concert movie Stop Making Sense. Crowd sound effects, the iconic drum machine beats and a whopping kick drum make this thing a real dancefloor monster. It’s a perfect hybrid of dance music and rock’n’roll!
What next for the Wolf + Lamb/Soul Clap collective?
We’ve got another few months in Europe, with our family Voices Of Black, Tanner, Slow Hands, all here to finish off another amazing summer. After that we’re getting ready for the Miami winter and producing solo albums. The label-inclusive Wolf + Lamb experience is something we’re already exploring and beginning to plan and produce for summer 2012. A new show that encompasses all of our artists live sets in some kind of almost theatrical event. Stay tuned.
Text: Chris Cottingham
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