What’s in a name? In Danilo Plessow’s case, a lot. The 25 -year-old DJ/producer from Stuttgart’s moniker instantly summons up images of Detroit techno.
It’s also a neat play on the fact that Stuttgart is home to two of Germany’s biggest car manufacturers, Mercedes Benz and Porsche. And it’s a nod to an older Detroit music tradition, namely Motown and soul. All three strands - techno, both US and German, plus soul - come together in Plessow’s unique take on house. Over the last 18 months he’s released a string of emotion-drenched tracks including Lonely One on 20:20 Vision and Sun Sequence for his own Four Roses imprint. Plessow’s Substance podcast focusses on what’s on his stereo at home. In a word: jazz. The feelin’ kinda blue sort. Mr Motor City talks us through his selection...
Is there a theme behind the mix? If so, what is it?
Actually, not really. I was thinking of doing a couple of more free mixes while I do stuff like cleaning the apartment or taxes a while back. Just track to track with stuff that is in my ‘listening’ crate at that moment. 
What are they key tracks and why?
It was really spontaneous. I just tried to have a certain amount of vocal tracks in it as well, but that’s about it. 
The mix seems quite sad. How come?
Well, this kind of music is my preferred home listening, and I think it can be very sad but very uplifting at the same time. That’s a quality I also find in very good electronic music, but more often in jazz.
How did you get into jazz?
I started playing drums in the school jazz big band quite young. It was mainly big band type of stuff. Through that got more and more into ‘real’ jazz, more Coltrane rather than the big band stuff. At the same time I got into hip hop as well. 
How does jazz and soul impact on your own music?
It’s my biggest inspiration, for sure. This sadness you describe is something I’m longing to capture in my own stuff as well. Feeling blue, and all that. That’s just me.
What new music excites you?
There’s a lot of interesting stuff happening right now, including, thankfully, some inspiring ‘soulful’ stuff. Since Dilla [late hip hop producer who worked for Common, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul] I thought there was a little gap. But this whole crazy new post-whatever hip hop/dubstep - I hate all these names - is very interesting, for sure.

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