Substance is a new platform to debate and report on the issues that affect our culture, from music and fashion to protest and technology. We have emerged at a time when everything that we assumed to be permanent is dissolving.

The idea that the 20th-century was effectively the End of History, that global capitalism will be permanent, that things will only get better, has all proved to be false. The institutions that shape our culture—governments, banks, music and film industries—are struggling to cope with the technological and intellectual changes of the 21st-century.

These are exciting, if daunting times. We are the first generation to be able to download music, films and books without paying for them, and to coordinate protests against injustice through a worldwide web.

But we are also the first generation in a long time to have worse living conditions than our parents, who face a new set of political threats; constant war, attacks on our freedom of expression and the ever-growing global security-surveillance state.

We are here to provide an enlightened view of the new paradigms in art, media, celebrity and power, as well as humorous and irreverent takes on the micro-trends happening around us.

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